Friday, November 16, 2007



  1. 2nd image, on the right - that one's killer diller!

    Great stuff - you shouldn't be shy to show Gerry ;P

  2. very nice drawings arzu ...i like your line quality

  3. your life drawings are so beautiful =) I want to sit behind you next time in life drawing just to watch how you draw hehe

  4. Arzu..second WOW WOW
    all of
    arzu rocks!!!

  5. I really like these, especially the second page, beautiful variation in texture and line quality. I like how you handle hair. I'm glad you are posting again. You stopped for awhile. How is your film stuff going. I wish you would post something from that.

  6. Alan,Thanks,your recent pastel drawings are coming out pretty good as well.

    Andrew,I'm glad you like them even though there is no animal envolved;D

    Edoavenir,Thank you so much,Your drawings are very nice too.I have to admit i'm not very confortable when people are watching me draw.

    Robin,thanks man.It means alot comming from a wonderful artist like you.

    Olga,Thanks. I try to update my blog as often as i can.I'll post some film related art next semester.