Tuesday, July 3, 2007

We went camping this weekend to beautiful Tobermory.

These are some of the pictures i took,landscapes were just gorgeous.


  1. oooh nice close up on the caterpillar!!

  2. hey i thought your film was beautiful
    and very nice blog
    keep it up =)

  3. very cool pics ! I bet it's so inspiring, now you go and paint all this :)
    hope your summer is going great!!

  4. FANTASTIC PHOTOS!!! Love the colours, the composition, beautiful shots!!
    the worm is nice :D!!
    and compliment for the blog! fantastic!!

  5. hey there,
    glad you gotta chance to go there, Tobermorey is my fav spot in the world. Well... so far haha. BC is pretty, but the candian shield with its honey comb system of caves has a special place in my heart. :)

  6. Hey Arzu, how is it going?
    Where were these taken? Looks like a very pretty place.
    I am in Norway right now having lots of fun studying. I am painting everyday, its pretty great!
    Do you use facebook? If so add me...

    Keep in touch,

  7. hello!

    Thanks for commenting on my film a while back, appreciate it!

    And these photos are very very cool. They look pro

    ken :D

  8. Thanks all for your comments.

    Andrew,I'm not on facebook.I'm so glad for you to finaly get to paint with your dream mentor,and can't wait to see your paintings.

  9. Great photos! Mind if I use one as a reference for an oil painting?

  10. thanks shou,
    not at all, go ahead.